Escape EP

by Hard Up

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released April 7, 2016

Recorded at Emery street records
Thanks to Melisande Archambault



all rights reserved


Hard Up Montreal, Québec

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Track Name: A Charles Bronson Handshake
Blowing on a hair-trigger, lined up with a pipe full of steam
A body of water, always teetering on boiling, flowing down a narrowing stream.
As a wave crashes down and he's pulled by the swell
Reason takes flight like a bat outta hell
He sees day turn to night, darkness give light to a dust-filled room shrouded in black ( his motives are under attack)

Blind rage, a dog-eared page, rabid and snarling untied.
Hold the line for the turning of the tide.
Run and hide.

Judgment cast, an outstretched finger.
Has the notion passed or does it still linger?
As he stands there he clenches his jaw and his fists.
With the absence of reason, brute impulse persists.
A pornographic display of lack of restraint, passed of as due diligence.
(sinner repent)
Track Name: Ignorance is This
Where is anger bred, in the heart or in the head?
A sinister sight gifted on hateful eyes, will you be there to hold the line when the clock stops ticking?
Well, I suppose, every story needs a villain but this is not abandon this is throat bleeding conviction
The bread got sour way earlier then expected. How we tried to inject vigor but our efforts were rejected.

We go on knowing very well that this could kill us.
And there's only two sides of the pane glass when that brick is thrown.
Which side are you on?

Virginia creeper intermittently crossing paths, if only, for a brief time
How tall is this wall? Will I see you at the top and how will we measure the distance?
We thought we were preparing for the plot to grow much thicker.
Militant malt-liquor drinking kids down at the park
But the story isn't changing, the sun just sets much quicker and I can't tell substance from shadow out here in the dark.